The CMP is designed around the honor system, meaning you will not be required to provide documentation for all of your CMP activities as part of your certification maintenance application. However, GPCI will conduct random on-going compliance audits. So, with this in mind GPCI asks you keep as much information as possible, with the approach “more is better.”

To help you in your documentation, GPCI has created a CMP Application and Tracking Form.

A Sample of Possible Documentation (not inclusive)
  • Educational Events: Paid Registration Receipts, Course/workshop Outline or Agenda or Course/workshop handouts
  • Employment: Simple letter from employer stating when you were employed in grant related activities or pay stubs with all personal information blacked out.
  • Professional Performance: Actual articles written, copy of book cover with author’s name indicated, course outlines, etc.
  • Professional Service: Board minutes showing your attendance, certificate showing your volunteerism, letters from those who received pro bono services, etc.
  • Independent Study: Will be jointly agreed upon prior to undertaking the independent study.

You are responsible to determine if a particular continuing education event meets GPCI CMP guidelines. In many instances, an educational event or activity will clearly fall within the guidelines. To help you analyze whether an event or activity will meet the guidelines, GPCI has categorized CEU events or activities into the four levels of recognition.

Type of Events
  • Clearly Defined Events – any activity designed with the grants field clearly in mind – GPA conference, taking or teaching a course on grant development, etc.
  • Somewhat Clearly Defined Events – educational events or opportunities that enhance one’s knowledge or ability to engage in the act of grantsmanship – program design, budgeting and accounting, evaluation, collaboration, nonprofit management, strategic planning, tax laws (if you are a consultant), etc.
  • Less Clearly Defined Events – events that enhance your knowledge of specific subject matter content or perhaps enhance your knowledge of culture.
  • Sketchy at Best – those categories which appear to have no relevance to the field – puppy training so your dog leaves you alone to write that grant. If you have an event falling within the bottom two levels, you are strongly encouraged to contact GPCI for an initial determination of CEU approval.

Ultimately, GPCI will make the final determination, so you are encouraged to err on the side of caution before counting a questionable event for CEU credit. Some examples of acceptable events or activities can be found in the GPCI CMP Manual and Candidate Handbook

Earn Education Points by Attending a GPA Conference

If you attend a regional or GPA chapter conference, you can earn points for attending approved workshops. And if you attend GPA’s annual conference, you can earn one point for every hour of workshop attendance. This could include keynote and luncheon speakers but not social events such as the Welcome Reception.

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