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When does my certification maintenance period begin?2021-01-19T07:27:40-05:00

Your three-year period begins on the day you sat for certification. It is not necessarily the date noted on your certificate.

What is meant by the “honor system?”2021-01-19T07:28:24-05:00

GPCI believes in the ethics and integrity of its GPCs and, as such, trusts each GPC to report his or her maintenance CEUs honestly. As a result, GPCs will not have to demonstrate proof of their activities unless chosen in a random audit of 10% of GPCs. GPCI® strongly advises you keep adequate documentation or proof in the event you are chosen for an audit.

How much is the CMP fee and is it an annual fee?2021-01-19T07:29:23-05:00

The CMP fee is a once every three-year fee due at the time you submit your CMP form. Current fees can be found on this page. Please be advised fees are subject to change.

When is the CMP fee due?2021-01-19T07:30:04-05:00

The CMP fee is due at the time you submit your certification maintenance application. GPCI provides a CMP Application and Tracking Form found on this page

What is the best way for me to track my CEUs?2021-01-19T07:31:02-05:00

To help you track CEUs during your 3-year CMP period, GPCI provides a CMP Application and Tracking Form on this page

Where I get more details on how to use the CMP process to recertify?2021-01-19T07:32:23-05:00

For more information about the recertification process, there is a helpful recorded webinar available: How GPCs Successfully Maintain their Credential, along with a copy of the slides.

What should I do if I’m not sure an event or activity will be approved?2021-01-19T07:33:17-05:00

The old adage “better safe than sorry” most certainly applies here. Read the guidelines carefully but do contact GPCI at if there is any uncertainty in your mind.

Is there a maximum number of CEUs I am allowed to submit?2021-01-19T07:33:55-05:00

There is no maximum number of allowable CEU’s. GPCI recommends you submit all of your earned CEUs, in the event a possible CEU is not allowed.

What if I collect all the CEUs required of me in the first 12 or 18 months after I sat for the exam? Do I need to continue to track CEUs? Can I use these extra CEUs toward my next maintenance period?2021-01-19T07:35:11-05:00

If you complete your maintenance requirements early, then congratulations. GPCI encourages you to continue to track your maintenance activities for the entire three-year period in case one of your activities is not allowed. Additionally, we want to encourage all GPCs to stay current in the field, giving back to our community and learning new skills as the three years progress. Keep up the good work. For these reasons, you may not use your “unused” CEUs for future maintenance periods.

How long am I required to maintain my CEU documentation?2021-01-19T07:35:48-05:00

The applications of approximately 10% of all CMP candidates will undergo an audit. Audits may be conducted up to one year after your application is received. Given this timeframe, GPCI recommends you keep your documentation for up to three years after submission of your CMP Application.

I read in the CMP Manual you will notify me approximately one year to six months before my certification is to expire. What happens if I do not hear from you?2021-01-19T07:37:55-05:00

Before all else, the responsibility to be aware of your expiration date falls to you. So, please mark the date on your calendar. However, if you do not hear from GPCI, please contact the office at It may be we do not have an updated email address from you or you have changed your name. Or there could simply be a clerical error.

How soon can I submit my CMP application?2021-01-19T07:38:48-05:00

Applications for renewal should only be submitted during your quarterly cohort renewal time. Your application fee must accompany the application. For example: Your conferred date falls in the months of January, February, and March with a CMP application due date of March 1. Applications for renewal will be accepted January through May. Please note additional fees would apply during the grace period from March 1 to June 1.

Can I submit my CEUs electronically?2021-01-19T07:39:35-05:00

Yes, in fact we prefer an electronic submission. If submitting by mail, please mail to: Grant Professionals Association, 10881 Lowell Ave, Suite 190, Overland Park, KS 66210.

What if I prefer to take the exam rather than earn CEUs?2021-01-19T07:40:16-05:00

Technically, you do not have to do anything towards the CMP. However, in order to assure continued certification, make sure you notify GPCI of your intent to register for the next available examination or an exam offered no later than 90 days following your expiration date. If you do not take an exam by this date, your certification will lapse. (You must meet the qualifications to take the examination, the same as first time test takers.)

Is there a grace period for submitting my paperwork?2021-01-19T07:40:48-05:00

There is a 90-day grace period for submitting paperwork. However, on the 91st day your certification will expire, and you will be required to retake the exam in order to obtain a new certification.

What happens if GPCI changes the CMP requirements?2021-01-19T07:41:21-05:00

Which requirements do I follow? You will follow the most recent requirements and guidelines available on the GPCI website.

Must I be a GPA member for the entire three years in order to receive the GPA discount?2021-01-19T07:41:56-05:00

No, you do not have to be an GPA member for the entire period to receive a discount. However, you must be an active member at the time you apply for certification maintenance as at the time you are awarded continued certification under the CMP. For more information about grant recertification, please email

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