Conferred Date CMP Application Date Grace Period Expiration
January, February, March March 1 June 1
April, May, June June 1 September 1
July, August, September September 1 December 1
October, November, December December 1 March 1

The CMP expiration dates follow a quarterly renewal process. Please see the examples below to help you know when you need to renew. Also, please note you MUST use the most recent CMP manual when renewing your certification. If you have any questions concerning this information please contact the CMP committee at


Note: For those who test electronically, the date will be reflected on your certificate. In addition to these:

January, February, March Cohort

Subject Matter Experts – NA
Arlington, VA – 3/2008
Long Beach, CA – 1/2009
Middleton, OH – 2/2010
Austin, TX – 2/2010
St. Pete Beach, FL – 2/9/2011

April, May, June Cohort

Indianapolis, IN – 6/2010

July, August, September Cohort

Chicago, IL – 8/2008
Atlanta, GA – 8/2008
Madison, NJ – 9/2009
Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 9/2009
Nashville, TN – 8/1/2011
Monroe Township, NJ – 8/2011

October, November, December Cohort

Washington, DC – 11/1/2010
Kansas City, KS – 11/1/2010
Atlanta, GA – 11/1/2010
Las Vegas, NV – 10/5/2011
Yellowsprings, OH – 10/1/2011
Washington, DC – 11/1/2011

CMP applications can be emailed to and paid via credit card OR they may be mailed along with a check to:

Grant Professionals Association
10540 Marty Street, Suite 240
Overland Park, KS 66212