GPCI® uses a Voucher system to enable candidates to reserve a seat for the GPC Exam of their choice. The Exam Voucher will be issued via email following full payment of the Exam Fee to GPCI® and approval of the Eligibility Packet submitted by the candidate. Vouchers must be used within the candidate’s 90-day Eligibility Window. Candidates who fail to use their Vouchers within the Eligibility Window need to begin the registration process again – including the submission of a new Eligibility Packet and Registration Fee.

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Once a Voucher has been assigned, it is the responsibility of the examinee to reserve a seat for the electronic exam, a process administered by GPCI® through Kryterion, a national online test administration company. Kryterion works with nearly 500 exam hosting facilities; these may be found here: Host Exam Site Locations.

A remote proctoring option is also available.

An Exam Voucher is not refundable; however, candidates may reschedule their exam session through Kryterion, up to 72 hours prior to the exam time/date and within the restrictions of the candidate’s Eligibility Window. That is, Kryterion will not accept a Voucher outside the timeframe in which it was intended to be used. GPCI will make accommodations for last-minute cancellations due to family illness, a death in the family, or other similar circumstances. Contact the GPCI® office at as soon as possible to make the appropriate arrangements.

A candidate’s Voucher Number is forwarded to candidates following approval of the Eligibility Packet. Should you misplace your Voucher Number, please email to request the vouchers be resent to you. Kryterion does not process voucher numbers, the GPCI test administration chair handles assignment of voucher numbers.