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Eligibility Criteria

All candidates must meet the minimum point standard which can be earned across four professional areas: Education, Experience, Professional Development, and Community Involvement. To be eligible to take the examination, the GPC candidate must qualify for 120 of 170 possible points.

The GPC Exam is designed as a test for a “generalist” who is defined in broad terms as a person who is experienced and competent in the fundamentals of grantsmanship. Generalists may (and often do) possess proficiency at the mastery or distinguished level. The GPC credential demonstrates mastery and, therefore, is not considered appropriate for entry-level grant professionals.

GPCI works to identify grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices. This expertise is identified through the core competencies and skills defining the standards of knowledge and practice for our field. The standards are balanced between those working in government and in private sectors, and between the demands upon institutional, smaller nonprofit, and consultant practitioners.

Successful candidates will require minimum knowledge and skills related to all aspects of grant development and management including such areas as grant pre-production, grant construction, public sector funding, private sector funding, ethics and grant accountability.

All candidates must meet the minimum education, knowledge and experience in order to be determined eligible to take the exam. GPCI acknowledges an individual’s personal path toward competency in the grant profession will vary. The balance of points needed to reach the minimum 120 points will necessitate earning points from at least three categories. Some candidates may be more involved in their community while others may be more invested in their own or other’s professional development. Either way, they must document their involvement in these activities during the three to seven year periods prior to applying for eligibility, dependent upon the selected pathway.

Eligibility Application Audit Policy: GPCI will randomly select 10% of individuals who apply for initial certification to submit evidence of proof of their documentation supporting exam eligibility for verification. The verification process will require applicants to furnish evidence or proof of education, empoyment verification, successful funded grant proposals, continuing education, and community activities.

GPCI adheres to principles of fairness and due process and endorses the principles of equal opportunity. In administering the certification programs, GPCI does not discriminate or deny opportunity to anyone on the basis of race, color, creed, age, gender, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, parental status, ancestry, sexual orientation, military discharge status, source of income, or any other status protected by applicable law. All candidates for certification will be judged solely on the published eligibility criteria determined by the GPCI Board of Directors.