In 2015 GPCI launched the first ever “31 Days of GPC” event. Starting March 1, 2015, GPCI posted a new video on its YouTube channel each day of March. We hope you enjoy watching these 30-second clips that highlight the benefits of the GPC and how the credential has helped seasoned and new grant professionals.

Listen to a sampling of GPCs from across the country who work for local governments, hospitals, nonprofits, education institutions, and their consulting firms. Each GPC articulates what the credential means to them on a professional and personal level. I trust you will be amazed at the variety of benefits described in these videos. By design, the 31 Days of GPC overlaps with International Grant Professionals Week and continues each year. What better way to celebrate grant professionals than celebrate this incredible credential that in three little letters says so much about our livelihood!

Enjoy this celebration of 31 Days of GPC by checking out our videos. You can find them here. Take it a step further. Use social media to spread the word about the GPC, and don’t forget to tag it: #31daysofgpc.