Thinking about retirement? Want to keep your GPC but not working full time in the profession?

All GPCs that are in good standing who would like to claim retirement status and put “GPC Retired” behind their name must have renewed their GPC once and be fully retired or no longer employed as a grant professional (defined as deriving less than 25% of their income from grant management and/or grant writing activities including consulting).

The prospective GPC Retired must submit a qualifying application accompanied by a non-refundable fee which is due every three years. In order to be considered retired, the GPC must not acquire points toward the employment portion of the CMP application. The minimum number of points required to re certify is 50 while the requirement for the GPC is 105. These points must come from at least two categories, withstanding the employment category.

GPC Retired are subject to the same code of ethics and the same disciplinary action as a GPC. GPC Retired must notify GPCI of any change in employment circumstances that would render their eligibility for retired status null. GPCI cautions GPCs to consider carefully their decision to change their status. GPCI encourages GPCs to maintain their GPC if they are unsure they will remain fully retired. Reactivating the GPC may not be easy, especially if the GPC Retired is not regularly attending educational events. Also a GPC Retired may not meet current eligibility requirements at the time they reapply to retest.

Rights and Privileges of the GPC Retired

Individuals granted GPC Retired status may use GPC Retired after their name, in correspondence, publications, speaking engagements and other mentions to indicate their status as a Grant Professional Certified at the time of their retirement. GPC Retired designees may not use the GPC designation without the Retired suffix, and may not portray themselves as a current GPC.

Reactivation of GPC

To reactivate the GPC, the individual must be a GPC Retired in good standing and submit an application to be reinstated. If they are within their first three years of retired status, they will need to submit educational hours equal to the hours required by a GPC renewal and the fee amount of the current renewal application. If it has been more than three years since the last date of being a GPC in good standing, or the educational requirement listed above have not been met, the individual must meet eligibility requirements, submit an exam application and fees and achieve a passing examination score.

Grievances about GPC Retired are subject to be handled through the policies outlined for grievances about GPC.

A copy  of the Retirement Policy can be found here.