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Exam Fees

The total GPC Exam Fee is $539 for Grant Professionals Association members, $739 for non-members. Once paid, eligible applicants’ fees are non-refundable. Payment instructions are included on the last page of the 5-minute Eligibility Survey which helps ensure you are eligible prior to submitting payment. More information on the registration process is found here.

Fees for the GPC Exam are set by the Board of Directors. Payments may be made online via credit card, or candidates may opt to be invoiced for payment by check. Purchase Orders will also be accepted.

Candidates who complete their payments will receive specific instructions on how to submit the required Eligibility Packet and, upon approval of the packet, will receive a set of Exam Vouchers good for up to 90 days. However, if your Eligibility Package is denied, the agency will refund all but $75.00 of the fee collected. The exam may be rescheduled multiple times within the 90-day Exam Eligibility Window at no additional cost; however, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure s/he sits for the exam within a timely fashion.1

Non-GPA Members
First-time Candidates
Exam Fee $539 $739
Retake Candidates2
Full GPC Exam (1st retake) $539 $739
Multiple Choice (1st retake) $270 $370
Writing Exercise (1st retake) $270 $370

1You may find more information regarding the timeline on Exam Eligibility Timeline.

2Candidates may retake the GPC Exam or either section of the exam. However, they must do so within the 90-day Exam Eligibility Window to which they have been assigned. A candidate has 90 days to sit for the GPC Exam; at the close of that 90-day period, the candidate would need to re-enter the registration process at the beginning, submit a new Eligibility Packet, and pay the Exam Fee. The GPCI® Board recognizes the timely nature of materials within the Eligibility Packet, which includes a candidate’s resume, list of successful grant proposals, and letters of reference. The Exam Eligibility Window mitigates for changes that may occur in the professional status of applicants.