The GPC Exam is a one-of-a-kind credentialing process that includes the candidate’s experience in the grants field, a multiple choice test, and a writing exercise. The following logic tree notes the steps in our multi-phased process – moving from the initial registration survey and fee to scheduling your exam in a location near you. As always, specific questions are welcomed at

Eligibility Survey: Candidates will complete a 5-minute Eligibility Survey to quickly assess whether the candidate is likely to be eligible to sit for the exam. In part, this process helps us ensure candidates do not complete a full Eligibility Packet unnecessarily. The survey generally takes less than 5 minutes. The final page of the survey will provide directions on the next steps (payment of the Exam Registration Fee).

Exam Fee: Upon completion of the survey, candidates will be directed to a payment link to submit the Exam Registration Fee.

Eligibility Packet: Following the receipt of the Exam Registration Fee, candidates will receive explicit instructions on submitting the GPC Eligibility Packet. Candidates who submit their packets by specific cohort dates and are approved to take the exam will have 90-days to schedule and take the exam.

Packet Approval: The Eligibility Packet is reviewed by at least three peer reviewers based on a scoring rubric established by the GPCI Board of Directors.

Exam Voucher: Within 72 hours of packet approval, the candidate will be issued a Voucher Number to be used to reserve a seat for the GPC Exam in a testing facility on a date of the candidate’s choosing.

Site/Date Selection: Candidates may choose to take both the Multiple Choice and Essay/Writing portions of the exam at one time or may stagger the sessions. However, both sections of the exam must be completed within the 90-day testing window (demonstrated here).

Packet Submitted By
October 1

Packet Review Period
October 1 – October 31

Packet Approved / Rejected
by October 31

90-day Exam Window (November Cohort)
November 1 – January 31