The GPC Exam process includes gathering the candidate’s experience in the grants field, a multiple choice test, and a writing exercise. The following steps highlight the process – moving from the initial eligibility survey, to fee payment, to confirming your eligibility and then scheduling your exam.

  1. Eligibility Survey: Candidates will complete a 5-minute Eligibility Survey to quickly assess whether the candidate is likely to be eligible to sit for the exam. In part, this process helps us ensure candidates do not complete a full Eligibility Packet unnecessarily. The survey generally takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. Exam Fee: Upon completion of the survey, candidates will be directed to a payment link to submit the Exam Registration Fee.
  3. Eligibility Packet: Candidates then need to submit their GPC Eligibility Packet within 90 days of payment.
  4. Scheduling Exam: Candidates who are approved as eligible to take the exam will receive notification and have 90-days to schedule and take the exam.

Packet Approval: The Eligibility Packet is reviewed by at least three peer reviewers based on a scoring rubric established by the GPCI Board of Directors.

Exam Voucher: Within 72 hours of packet approval, the candidate will be issued a Voucher Number to be used to reserve a seat for the GPC Exam.

Site/Date Selection: Candidates may choose to take both the Multiple Choice and Essay/Writing portions of the exam at one time or may stagger the sessions. However, both sections of the exam must be completed within the 90-day testing window (demonstrated here).

As always, specific questions are welcomed at

Packet Submitted By
October 1

Packet Review Period
October 1 – October 31

Packet Approved / Rejected
by October 31

90-day Exam Window (November Cohort)
November 1 – January 31