The GPC exam is a generalist test designed for the individual who demonstrates mastery and experience. It is not considered an entry-level exam so a GPC exam candidate should not need to spend a great deal of time studying or preparing. However, studying and reviewing materials may be helpful if you specialize in one area (i.e., you only write federal proposals and not foundation proposals) and need to enhance your knowledge in other areas.

Competencies and Skills

The GPC Exam is based on the Competencies and Skills developed and continually updated by subject matter experts within the field. It is intended to give employers and contractors an objective view of a grant professional for hire. A review of this document and the skills listed will provide valuable insight to the types of questions typically found on the exam.

Informational GPC Firesides

Listen to a quick overview of the eligibility requirements and steps to get the GPC (Grant Professional Certified) credential. Then ask your questions in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. From eligibility criteria to the registration process—we’ll talk about it all. See if earning your GPC is the next step in your career! Click here to register for upcoming sessions. Panelists will include GPCI Board Members and other GPCs.

GPCI Literature Review

The GPCI Literature Review may be helpful to GPC candidates looking to refresh knowledge or fill experience gaps in the grants field. This review contains general grant information as well as a list of books, journal articles and websites that may be of interest. Michael Wells, author and grants consultant, originally prepared the GPCI Literature Review as a tool in developing the credentialing examination for use by grant professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge prior to taking the exam.

Study Guides & Groups

GPCI does not promote or endorse any study guide related to the exam and they are not a requirement for taking the exam. Below are some publicly available study guides– some formal, some not-so-formal. Should other publications become available, GPCI will make those known, to the best of our ability.

  • Prepare for the GPC Exam, a book published by CharityChannel Press and can be purchased here.
  • A Virtual GPC Study group recently published a free list of their resources which are available here.
  • A free study guide published by the Grant Collaborative of Tampa Bay can be download here.
  • Email our GPCI Ambassador Chair to be connected with local networking and study groups.
GPCI Accepted Education Program

While GPCI neither endorses or sponsors any specific training providers, our Accepted Education Program lists providers who offer trainings that have been reviewed by GPCI to cover the GPC Competencies. These courses might be valuable as you seek to refresh or supplement your knowledge base. Please visit Accepted Education Program to learn more.

GPA is a participant in GPCI’s Accepted Education Program and if you attend a regional or GPA chapter conference, you can earn points for attending approved workshops. And if you attend GPA’s annual conference, you can earn one point for every hour of workshop attendance. This could include keynote and luncheon speakers but not social events such as the Welcome Reception.

For more information about the exam, please email