GPCI® envisions excellence and accountability in grantsmanship. It seeks to support a philanthropic community assured of grant professionals who can successfully guide and shape the outcomes of their funding endeavors.

GPCI® is dedicated to measuring and promoting competency and ethical practices within the field of grantsmanship. GPCI® accomplishes its mission through the identification of grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices as measured by a psychometrically valid and reliable assessment tool.

Among others, GPCI® embraces the values of:

Accountability We recognize and accept the responsibility to sustain, promote, grow and infuse certification into our field. To this end, we will strive to keep the organization financially sound and its certification process available to all who seek to be certified.

Psychometric Integrity We ensure that GPCI® testing products are developed within only the highest standards of validity, reliability and legal defensibility.

Delivery of Certification We value the broad range of ways in which certification may be delivered to candidates: paper and pencil, online, and face to face. We will consider the diversity of potential applicants in the creation of certification programs.

Challenging the Status Quo We seek to move the field of grantsmanship forward by challenging long-held assumptions, building new partnerships with all stakeholders and encouraging innovation and creativity.

Strong Ethical Standards We seek to maintain only the highest of ethical standards, encouraging ourselves and those around us to act with integrity, fairness and a sense of respect for the responsibilities associated with the oversight of certification.

Service to the Field’s Constituents We seek to always keep the beneficiaries of philanthropy, education, government and other constituents “forward and center” as we make decisions that affect our field.

Social Justice We seek to treat all people with respect and equality.

Diversity We recognize that people have different cultural, linguistic, social, class and ethic backgrounds. Each of us is enriched by the lives and experience of others. We will actively seek input, counsel and involvement from communities of color, the disabled community and from stakeholders who are under-represented in our field.

Cultural Sensitivity We will demonstrate appreciation for others through active listening and respect for one another’s values and norms. We will keep our minds open to new perspectives and challenge our own thinking.

Life-Long Learning We encourage our community to hone its craft through life-long learning.

Service to Our Community We recognize the importance of giving back to the community through service, pro bono work and other acts that strengthen the world around us.

Collaboration We recognize the key to creating change is identifying our partners in the process and engaging in collaboration.