GPCI is committed to life-long learning and elevation of the grants field. To aid in this effort, GPCI has instituted an Accepted Education Program. This program establishes a mechanism to assist grant professionals in determining their best educational or training opportunities.


If you are looking for training options which have been reviewed and approved under the GPCI Accepted Education program, click below to learn more.


To participate in the Accepted Education Program, please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm your trainings cover the grant competences published by GPCI.
  2. Fill out the Accepted Education Program Application.
  3. Email the completed application and any questions to
  4. Current providers can submit additional trainings using this form: AEP Additional Trainings.

GPCI will review your application, trainings and selected pricing level:

Upon approval, you will be added to the list of trainings from providers which have been reviewed and approved as part of the Accepted Education Program. You will also be able to display the Accepted Education Program logo on specific training sessions which have been approved.