The policy: The Grant Professional Certification Institute (GPCI) is dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector’s ability to pursue and maintain public and private sector funding by measuring and promoting competency and ethical practices within the field of grantsmanship. GPCI accomplishes this mission through the identification of grant professionals who display outstanding expertise and ethical practices. GPCI envisions excellence and accountability in grantsmanship. It seeks to support a philanthropic community assured of grant professionals who can successfully guide and shape the outcomes of their funding endeavors. In addition, the agency was developed to help advance the evolution of the field of grantsmanship as a recognized profession. As the grants field emerges as a profession, validation and accountability will continue to increase in importance. As part of this movement, certification has become an invaluable goal for the field.

Those individuals who are Grant Professional Certified (referred to as “GPCs”) have successfully completed the required certification process, which includes meeting certain education, performance and service criteria, passing a written examination testing a core set of competencies and verifying professional experience. Individuals granted a GPC by GPCI agree to uphold the ethical standards of the Grant Professional Association (GPA).

Successful GPCs are granted certification status by GPCI and may hold themselves to the public as a certified grant professional. To maintain and enhance the credibility of GPC and in furtherance of GPCI’s mission, the agency has adopted a Grievance and Disciplinary Actions Policy to allow consumers and others to file complaints regarding potential misconduct by a GPC. GPCI may also take action on its own in the event that it learns of possible misconduct by GPCs. Additionally, if GPCI is informed that the Grant Professional Association’s Ethics Committee has taken or is taking action against a GPC for unethical or criminal actions, GPCI will also take action against the GPC. In the event of a violation of the Grant Professional Association’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice or other substantive requirements of the certification process by a GPC, GPCI may reprimand or suspend the GPC, or it may permanently revoke the GPC credential.

GPCI shall ensure that results or sanctions, if taken by GPCI, concerning the grievances and discipline of a GPC shall be available to all consumers and the public. These procedures shall apply to all complaints or inquiries received about a GPC.

The Grievance and Disciplinary Actions Policy is available in its entirety for any individual seeking more information.

To file a complaint: To file a complaint against a GPC, please review the Grievance and Disciplinary Actions Reporting Form. The first two pages of the form must be completed by the complainant and submitted by mail or email to the following address:

Grant Professional Certification Institute
c/o Barb Boggs
10540 Marty Street, Suite 240
Overland Park, KS 66212

Questions: Any questions about the process should be directed to

Ethics Sanctions: For an up to date list of individuals found in violation of the GPA Code of Ethics by the Grievance/Disciplinary Committee, please click here.