The recent crisis and closing of GPC exam testing locations has brought to the Grant Professionals Certification Institute’s attention the possibility of offering alternate testing options. To more completely understand that demand and also the suitability of a live, remote proctoring option, we are launching this short survey.

Live remote proctoring is when a candidate takes the exam in a remote testing location (their home or other remote location) while being observed by a proctor in another location via webcam. This option would require:

  1. Test taker to provide a copy of a picture ID via mail prior to the test to confirm their identity.
  2. The test candidate to have a completely clear desk (aside from their computer)
  3. The testing computer can be connected to an external webcam (one not built into the computer) which would point at the person taking the exam and their screen.
  4. The testing computer would need to have software downloaded onto it which will lock out the use of any other programs other than the exam during the exam period.

The following survey asks questions to determine the interest and feasibility of this option. Please complete this survey before April 30, 2020.

Remote Testing Survey Link