The names of all exam candidates are confidential until the announcement of the GPCs. And then, only the names of candidates passing the exam are revealed. Eligibility Packet reviewers work independently and do not discuss the packets with other reviewers. The names of applicants and candidates are confidential and are not released at any point in the process. Names are not even shared with the GPCI® Board of Directors, other GPCs, GPA staff, or any others without a specific need to know (e.g., processing payments, communicating directly with candidates).

In addition, each GPC candidate is given a unique identification number when confirmed for the exam. Those who score the writing portion of the exam never see the list of names associated with the numbers. The GPCI Board of Directors, when validating scores in conjunction with a psychometrician, do not see the names of candidates associated with the scores; only the candidate’s identification number is listed with the scores.