The GPCI doesn’t have or promote specific study materials, as the GPC Exam was designed to measure the existing skills of a professional with three to five years of experience. We are not a training course, nor do we offer a training course or class to help individuals prepare. In short, you cannot really study for the exam.

However, there are tangible steps you can take to fill in some gaps. For example, a professional who works only with foundations or corporate funding sources might need to brush up on federal regulations – or vice versa. The GPCI examination was designed around a specific set of competencies and skills. If you do nothing else, you should read and internalize this document, as it represents the heart of the exam.

Current GPCs have also worked with the GPCI Board of Directors to create and update a Literature Review that includes recommended readings from the field. This bibliography is a non-exhaustive list of publications most often cited by the examination’s item writers and other experts in the field. It is not intended to be a reading list for all candidates but may help fill in gaps candidates have in specific areas of their own competencies and skills.

Finally, study groups have formed in cities around the exam’s competencies and skills. In general, these have been organized by GPA chapters. Chapters and members also have compiled notes and/or materials from their groups into formal and informal study guides. Currently, at least one such guide may be found in the GPA Store. These efforts have also led to discussion around online courses that may be offered in the future. Find a listing of available study aids here.