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Certification vs. Certificate of Completion

The GPC credential, or Grant Professional Certified, is an NCCA accredited program that validates knowledge of and competency in the grants profession through education, experience, professional development, community involvement, and a psychometrically sound examination. These factors are based on widely accepted sociological theories of the professionalization of careers, an extensive literature review, the expertise of highly experienced authorities in the ...


GPC Exam Employer Assistance Sample Letter

Sample letter you can use to request employer assistance with cost of the exam: Download a copy here. - Dear Sir/Madam: I would like to sit for the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) exam offered by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute. This credential is the only credential offered directly related to the grants profession. It is a psychometrically validated exam covering ...


Specialty Writing for Health Care Organizations: Subject Expertise Matters!

Organizations looking for grant professionals seek candidates with varied skills, knowledge, and subject matter expertise. As we understand, grant writing isn’t like other types of writing; it requires a distinctive combination of analytical and persuasive writing in order to be effective. Grant professionals and other fund development staff are in high demand now more than ever.  Many nonprofits around the ...


GPC Credential in the Mental Health Field

The Behavioral Health Field is filled with professionals who often have a number of credentials in their signatures. It is like an alphabet soup of acronyms: QMHP, PHD, MD, RN, MHP, PS and the list goes on. Why is this important? Why should a Grant Professional working in the behavioral health field seek a credential? A credentialing certificate in any ...


Why I Became a GPC

My decision to take the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) exam was an investment in myself and my career. While I received my results on November 1, 2020, after sitting for the exam in September of that year, the journey started 2-years prior. During the first decade of my grant career, I was solely focused on gaining knowledge and skills to ...


Sustainable Work Habits and Self-Care for Busy Grant Professionals

March 10th is International Grant Professionals Day. As we celebrate our successes as grant professionals and look to more success in the future, it becomes very important to take time to reflect on self-care, mental health and overall wellbeing.  As Michael Hein quoted “Leaders are corporate athletes.” I would dare to add that “grant professionals are also corporate athletes.” The work ...


The Journey to Getting My GPC

I have been eligible for my GPC for over a year now, but I finally took the exam last month and (spoiler alert!) it turns out I passed! Wow! I still can’t believe it! When I first heard about the opportunity to gain a GPC credential, I was intrigued but altogether too busy to look into it. As a grants ...


Why Should a Funder Value the GPC Credential

The Community Mental Health Fund of Jackson County recognizes the benefit of the GPC by providing ongoing support for staff to maintain the credential and to have a leadership role in the profession. While the GPC is most commonly associated with grant seekers, it is also valuable for grant makers. While our staff may not be writing grants as much, ...

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