The Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) is updating the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) Examination. This is a critical step to realign the exam to the revised competencies and skills that were completed in 2022 through the job analysis.

GPCI is seeking candidates to join the Item Writing Workgroup (IWW), which will take place in Kansas City just before the 2023 GPA GrantSummit. A workgroup of GPCs (30-40 individuals) is needed to review the existing test items and write new items to correspond with the revised competencies and skills. This process will be led by a psychometrician.

The workgroup works to ensure that new items written for the GPC examination are aligned to the revised competencies and skills as indicated through the 2022 Job Analysis; supported by evidence-based research; and current and appropriate for all candidates. The workgroup will reflect the diversity of the grant professional community inclusive of practice setting, discipline, geography, highest degree earned, gender, ethnicity, and more. While the workgroup is comprised primarily of GPCs, researchers, federal and state grant employees and policy professionals are also invited to apply. Successful members of the workgroup are collaborative, consensus building, “research oriented”, and familiar with the peer review process.

Additional item review meetings may be conducted remotely via web-based conferences beyond the GPA GrantSummit conference. Members must be available for approximately ten web-based conference calls within a year, each lasting approximately one hour. Work outside these conference calls include reviewing and revising any assigned items as necessary. Additionally, members will work independently to research and write new examination items for review as needed. A workgroup member is estimated to spend approximately 2 to 4 hours per month on necessary work related to the IWW.

The initial work group item writing workshop will occur on Monday, October 30, Tuesday, October 31, and Wednesday, November 1, 2023 prior to the start of the GPA GrantSummit Conference in Kansas City. The schedule for the work days will likely be:
  • Monday 1pm to 6pm
  • Tuesday 8am to 5pm
  • Wednesday 8am to noon
Due to the nature of the activities involved, members of the workgroup cannot participate in any:
  • Grant training activities, especially related to teaching in preparation for or to pass the GPC exam for at least 5 years following the end of their service.
  • Cannot be a current member of the Board of Directors for GPA, GPCI or GPF
  • Members are not eligible to sit for the GPC Exam for at least 3 years following the end of this committee service.
If you are selected, the hotel accommodation for one night (Monday) and a stipend of $150.00 will be reimbursed by GPCI. GPC members will also receive CEU’s upon completion of their terms.

These opportunities are open to both new and experienced grant professionals.

Interested candidates need to complete the following before the September 15, 2023 deadline:

Please note: completion of the survey or submitting the above items does not guarantee your selection and/or inclusion on the committee. GPCI will select a variety of individuals to meet our requirements – ensuring our professional field is appropriately represented.

Thank you for your interest in helping to advance the GPC Credential.