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GPCI to offer the GPC exam in Atlanta
at the GPA Conference!


A testing opportunity for the GPC exam will be held in Atlanta on Tuesday November 8, 2016 (location TBA). This opportunity brings back the spirit of the exam’s early roots, when testing was offered only a few times per year and individuals developed a camaraderie with other potential GPCs.

In order to sit for the exam at the conference, individuals will need to take the eligibility quiz, pay the examination fee, and complete the eligibility packet by July 31, 2016.   Once you are approved to sit for the exam, instructions will be provided on registering for the exam at the conference. Due to limited seating, only 25 persons will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

To reserve your spot, GPCI requires notification by July 31, 2016 of your intent to take the exam at the conference. Please email the test administration chair.

Individuals will be taken in the order GPCI is notified and will be considered on the list pending final eligibility packet approval. Once 25 individuals have expressed a desire to take the exam at the conference, names will be added to a waiting list in the event of cancellations or non-approval of eligibility packets. All individuals will be notified well in advance of their secure seat on November 8, 2016.

GPC Retirement Policy Announced

Exam Timeline
Submission Deadline
Packet Review
Status Notification Date
6 Month Exam
January 1 January 1 – 31 January 31 February 1 – July 31
February 1 February 1 – 28 February 28 March 1 – August 31
March 1 March 1 – 31 March 31 April 1 – September 30
April 1 April 1 – 30 April 30 May 1 – October 31
May 1 May 1 – 31 May 31 June 1 – November 30
June 1 June 1 – 30 June 30 July 1 – December 31
July 1 July 1 – 31 July 31 August 1 – January 31
August 1 August 1 – 31 August 31 September 1 – February 28
September 1 September 1 – 30 September 30 October 1 – March 31
October 1 October 1 – 31 October 31 November 1 – April 30
November 1 November 1 – 30 November 30 December 1 – May 31
December 1 December 1 – 31 December 31 January 1 – June 30



Scoring Exams
Exams Taken Results Provided
January March 31
February April 30
March May 31
April June 30
May July 31
June August 31
July September 30
August October 31
September November 30
October December 31
November January 31
December February 28

When will I know if I passed?  
Exams are scored and candidates are notified by the end of the month following the month in which the exam was taken. Example 1: Exam taken on February 1 – notified of result by April 30. Example 2: Exam taken on February 28 – notified of result by May 31.

Shortest possible time in process: 3 months  
Candidate submits a packet on January 1; packet review period is January 1 – 31; approved by January 31; candidate schedules then takes exam in February; scoring completed and candidate notified by April 30.

Longest possible time in process: 9 months   
Candidate submits a packet on January 2; packet review period is February 1 – 28; approved by February 28; candidate schedules then takes exam in August; scoring completed and candidate notified by October 31.

The Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) administers the Grant Professional Certification (GPC), a certification program that measures an individual’s ability to provide quality grant-related services within an ethical framework. It was established in 2004 by the Grant Professionals Association(GPA) to ensure test integrity and independence. The GPC Examination was designed within National Commission of Certifying Agencies guidelines, and has been psychometrically proven to be valid and reliable. Exam items / questions are periodically reviewed and/or revised by trained Subject Matter Experts working with a psychometrist as prescribed within national testing norms. Candidates seeking the GPC must submit an experience-based application to be eligible to sit for the examination. Each application is scored by a panel of trained grant professionals. Candidates are notified within a reasonable time whether their application is complete and whether they meet minimum eligibility standards.