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The Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI)SM is the end-product of an important discussion begun at the 2000 Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Annual Conference (formerly the American Association of Grant Professionals (AAGP) in Berkeley California. At that conference the membership passed a board resolution to create a committee charged with the task of determining the need for and feasibility of a grant certification. After two years of discovery, the Certification Committee established GPCISM. In 2004 GPCISM was incorporated as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. In 2007, it offered its first exam.

Why Certify with GPCISM?

Who Benefits?

Certification FAQs

Top 10 Mistakes

31 Days of GPC

Am I eligible for the GPC exam?

GPC Exam eligibility is based on a point system reflecting background in the following four professional areas:
Education, Experience, Professional Development, and Community Involvement.

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The Exam

Competencies Tested


The GPC Exam includes two portions which must each be successfully completed: A writing exercise and a multiple choice section



One of the outcomes of GPC Study Group sessions organized by various GPA chapters and other grants groups as they worked together to prepare for the exam is the development of study materials – some formal, some not-so-formal.

Exam Fees


Fees for the GPC Exam are set by the Board of Directors and were adjusted in 2012 to accommodate the added expense of year-round testing through the new electronic exam format.

Board of Directors

Bonnie Houk, GPC
GPCISM President

Director, Grants and Evaluation Department
Southeast Kansas Education Service Center
Girard, KS

Allison Boyd, GPC
GPCISM Vice President

Principal Writer & Owner
Boyds Grants
Conroe, TX

Charlisa Garg, GPC
GPCISM Secretary

Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations & Owner/Principal Consultant
Middle Branch Consulting
Brewster, NY

Sylvia A. Redic, GPC
GPCISM Treasurer

City Manager
City of Morrow
Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Certification Maintenance

Request that your certification be extended for another three years.

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